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If it's going to be your first time at our studio, please fill out our quick on-line registration form. This series of yoga is great for all levels: Bikram beginners, more advanced students, athletes or those new to any physical activity. Slowly, and steadily, bit-by-bit changes will occur and total health will be restored.

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If you have never been to BYH, try it at this unbelievable rate! Residents and students in the Baltimore area can practice 14 consecutive days of UNLIMITED yoga for $25!

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Our Class Schedule

All Classes on our schedule are Beginners classes. The Bikram Yoga series works the body systematically and completely to heal or maintain good health. Each posture prepares the body for the next, sequentially caring for every bodily system, from inside out—bones to skin.

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Thur. July 9, 7-8:30 pm

Every Third Monday of the Month
July 20th


Kids 2-5   Classes Mon 9:30am
5 week session June 1 - June 29
** SOLD OUT **

Kids 4-12 Classes Sun 9am
Starting May 31!


Our Blog

The Alexander Technique Workshop with Sarah.

The Alexander Technique is a mind and body re-education process, which restores poise of the body, ease of movement and can undo unnecessary tension or pain often caused by habitual misalignment.
In this series of lessons Sarah will lead you, and each student, to improved understanding of the mechanics of your own body. You will learn how changed thinking can shift your actions and reduce effort.

Dates for the Workshop will be anounced soon!
This 6 week workshop will meet every Saturday 11.30am -12.30pm
Cost is just $185. Purchase on this site or in person at the front desk.
Class is limited to 12 people.


"I am motivated by the fact that this is a forever practice.  It seems daunting, the term forever, but it is the truth.  I know that a year from now I will be in a totally different place than I am today, and that is super motivating and exciting for me!  And I am motivated by the team at BYH.  They are truly caring, knowledgeable, and supportive instructors.  Their positive energy is palpable and it is evident how much they care about their students."

"I attended one class a few years ago, but was not hooked. I came back in 2013, and my first class at that time was an eye opener. It was incredibly difficult but the instructor was motivating as was the overall experience this time around. I liked it, and I wanted to come back."