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If it's going to be your first time at our studio, please fill out our quick on-line registration form. This series of yoga is great for all levels: Bikram beginners, more advanced students, athletes or those new to any physical activity. Slowly, and steadily, bit-by-bit changes will occur and total health will be restored.

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Our Class Schedule

All Classes on our schedule are Beginners classes. The Bikram Yoga series works the body systematically and completely to heal or maintain good health. Each posture prepares the body for the next, sequentially caring for every bodily system, from inside out—bones to skin.

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Thursdays with Gina Sager MD
Oct 15, Nov, 12 , Dec 10  
7-8:30 pm

Every Third Monday of the Month
w/Cadie Bridges-Palmer, RYT-200
Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 21
7-8 pm

Kids 4-12 Classes Sun 9am
Same time as our Hot Yoga Class!


Our Blog


Testimonials: Lindsey’s journey to heal her hip with Bikram Yoga

Hi there, my name is Lindsey and I would like to tell you a little bit about my journey at Bikram Yoga Hampden to help heal my hip.  First let me tell you how I ended up in Baltimore.  Originally from Chicago, I graduated from Northwestern University in 2012 with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  I moved to Baltimore after I was accepted into the Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  As a former college soccer player and avid runner, I have always valued and enjoyed exercise—especially running.  I have completed 6 marathons in the past 5 years with my best time being one minute short of qualifying for the most prestigious marathon, the Boston Marathon.  I was convinced that all I needed to do was keeping running—increase my mileage so that I was running at least three 20+ mile runs during my training cycles.  However, my right hip sure had other plans.  My hip pain started back in 2012 and since then has been a nagging and deep ache on the anterior aspect.  Some days were good days and I could run without pain, however, other days were really bad days and I could hardly walk without pain.  Fast-forward and the bad days quickly began to outnumber the good days.  As an orthopedic physical therapist, I was aware and scared of what could be generating my hip pain.  After weeks of no running and mostly swimming and proximal hip muscle strengthening, my hip pain was not decreasing.  I had an MRI and the findings left me feeling puzzled and worried—“full thickness articular cartilage fissure with tiny separation at the chondrolabral junction”.  My mind was racing with thoughts!  Do I have a labral tear?  Do I have femoroacetabular impingement?
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"I am motivated by the fact that this is a forever practice.  It seems daunting, the term forever, but it is the truth.  I know that a year from now I will be in a totally different place than I am today, and that is super motivating and exciting for me!  And I am motivated by the team at BYH.  They are truly caring, knowledgeable, and supportive instructors.  Their positive energy is palpable and it is evident how much they care about their students."

"I attended one class a few years ago, but was not hooked. I came back in 2013, and my first class at that time was an eye opener. It was incredibly difficult but the instructor was motivating as was the overall experience this time around. I liked it, and I wanted to come back."